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Every body is unique. Some may have been more exposed to toxins than others, in everyday-life situations (chemicals in food, water, pesticides, petroleum products, etc), and become ill as a result. The body can eliminate these toxins but often needs help.

The process may help reverse many of the illnesses and diseases related to the presence of toxins in the body, because the cells can begin to function normally again. As a result, the symptoms of illness may first re-appear and then finally go away.

When natural healing begins, the body proceeds to heal the most vital organ first, then the most recent problem, then from the head to the extremities. This is inevitable. Some people wish to avoid this part of healing, as it may take time, however this is how nature works. These well-documented priorities of the body are called Herring’s Laws of Natural Healing.

As the toxins exit the body, they take one of the three main exit routes: the SKIN, the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, or the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. When exiting through the skin, rashes and itchiness may appear. When going out through the respiratory system, cough or cold-like symptoms  are common, and when they go out through the gastro-intestinal system, constipation or loose motions sometimes appear. As the internal organs adjust themselves, the pulse rate may increase irregularly, blood pressure may vary, blood-sugar levels may vary irregularly, but all such symptoms should be looked at in context – if you feel well, when for example your blood sugar levels indicate that you should feel unwell, you should realise that you are detoxifying. The toxins are carried away from your cells by your blood, so blood tests can be misleading during this time.

These new symptoms may alarm the uninformed. This is, however, a natural part of the body healing and is a POSITIVE SIGN that a cleansing reaction is occurring and your body’s immune system is causing this reaction to happen.

It is also simple common sense to ensure that we do not hamper the healing process by poor diet. Make sure your drinking water is fresh and clean. (Chlorine in tap water is a toxin.) Drink when you are thirsty. Also, over-consumption of water may dilute your stomach acids, slowing the breakdown of food and the gathering of nutrients.

The right kinds of food are essential in healing, providing the nourishment that the body needs for tissue repair and balance of systems. Raw vegetables and fruits supply the cells with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibres that we need to sustain life.  Lack of the right foods and too much of the wrong foods (salt, sugar, preservatives, colours, flavour enhancers and nitrates) are the source of many of our maladies. Malnutrition and over-nutrition result in diseases that plague us today.

Sleep and eating times are most important. When you are healing, your body uses energy to self-restore.  If you eat late (after 8 pm) it will use that energy to digest your food instead. The healing process occurs between 11 pm – 2 am, while you are (or should be) in deep sleep. If your body systems are not in “rest” mode at those times, the healing is drastically hampered.

Our body is the best doctor.  We are designed to fight disease with our natural immune systems.

When detoxifying for the first time, some may experience a reaction within 3-10 days, and some can have a reaction 2-3 months later.  The reaction may not be limited to one experience only. Most people will get some sort of reaction. A light reaction may last up to 2-5 days, a severe one 7-30 days.

Detoxification is the first step to healing, and healing the body is your first step to a longer life.

If symptoms persist consult a health care professional